How did your patrol fare in Grasslake?

I’ve run the “Grasslake” sample mission twice so far, and it’s been tough for the PCs each time! I’m guessing that’s intentional, what with the turtle having Nature 8 and big bonuses to Attack and Defend.

So, how did your group deal with the turtle? How depleted and bedraggled were the PCs by the end of it?

They talked it into moving to another spot, using Loremouse.

My players pretty much owned the turtle. They did spend a lot of time preparing though. They made some good rolls creating some smelly bait from fish guts and a mechanical means to move the bait around. They used that as a lure to move the turtle out of the town. Lots of equipment bonuses. I suspect I wasn’t pushing hard enough and let them have to much prep time.


But there’s no linked tests in MG, right? And you can only get +1D from having the right equipment… or can you get +1D from each relevant piece of gear? I didn’t think so, but I dunno.

And how did they get fish guts?

The original group drove the beast off with Science aided with lots of help.

Hmm, I think I gave multiple equipment bonuses, which might have been wrong. The fish guts was a Science test (I think, it was a while ago) after getting some fish from a local fisher.


Would you be able to break down the dice? What was the base skill, and how many hep dice were there, and from what sources? Even a ballpark would be helpful.

They made some tools using other skills. They tested Science vs Nature. The scientist tapped his own Nature.


I just ran Grasslake last night with 3 PCs as an intro to the game. We’re running a game this summer, but all wanted to do a test run to get a feel for the system.

The patrol decided to drive the turtle out of town with fire (why is fire always a default solution for most parties in any game?). They located some long poles from some boatsmice, and crafted large torches on the end of them. Since I wanted the PCs to get some experience with the conflict system, a fight ensued. The patrols goal was “drive the turtle back with minimal damage to the town” (it was beached right between the brewery and the bakery), and the turtle’s goal, once provoked, was “RAMPAGE!”. It was an epic battle with the patrol reaching 1 disposition during the second round, but recovering with some good defend rolls. In the end, the patrol prevailed, but having to offer a major compromise to the turtle. So, the brewery and bakery were totaled along with a few other buildings, leaving the patrol to deal with the aftermath even though the turtle was run off. Thom’s player, because of a very poor roll on a defend vs the turtle’s attack (which brought the patrol’s disposition to 1,) decided also that Thom lost a part of his ear in the fight as well (which was just cosmetic damage).

In short, it was a good time had by all and we’re looking forward to starting a game with our own PCs later this month.