How do a Convention Scenario?

Like the title says but with good grammar. I am considering entering Mouseguard for an OwlCon slot in Feburary. What have other people done?

Just bring Kenzie, Lieam, Sadie, and Saxon and the stock scenario out of the book? I mean hardly anyone has bought the game :^) so that should be a problem, right?


Running the scenario from the book is the easiest option.
Riffing off of the scenario and changing it on the fly – a different twist – is the best option, I think.

Mouse Guard runs so fast. You can run through a session in an hour and then jump back in and do a follow up.

Speed of play was something that had occured to me, thanks for the suggestion. As far as I can tell they have 4 hr. slots. So you could do nearly a full MG year in a single slot.

My understanding is a lot of cons have drastically shortened their slots to give players exposure to a wider selection of games and/or give more people a chance to play. But Owlcon, at least judging from the bits of last year’s schedule that I’ve found on the net, are still old schooling it. Maybe they are not so vender centric?

Perhaps I’ll do a two-fer in a single slot. How do you think Mouseguard in a double bill with Kill Puppies For Satan would draw? :smiley:

I had a home campaign when I last ran it and I used characters from there too.

The big advantage to the book characters is instant recognition from those familar with the comics.

Oh and I’d run the session even if they have read the book. Are you concerned about familiarity or “spoilers?”

Where do you see the problems?

Not spoilers. The “been there, done that” factor is what I was a little concerned about. But I’ve since found out that the convention is attended by several hundred people. Even though that’s across more types of games than just RPGs that seems like pretty large pool of people, making it reasonable to expect to find a table full of interested noobs.

P.S. I’ve sent an email question to the RPG coordinator asking the minimum amount of the slot time they expect to be used. They do ask that game “demo” stuff be run at/near the dealer tables but that isn’t really a fit with this. Oh wait, maybe it could be! I’ll line a trench coat with wholesale copies of MG. This could be me wandering the con floor. :rolleyes: