How do i get Forte Tests?

My poor young 70 years young Elf only has a Forte of 3. I want to change that.
This may sound stupid, but how do i get Forte tests? Besides from testing Drinking/Links/Voice of Thunder?

Thank you for your help.

Run for days at a time. Hold your breath under water for an extended period. Get poisoned. Skip sleep to stay on watch while your companions sleep. Swim long distances. Go without food that your companions might eat. Got to spin class.

Practice, practice, practice.

Well let’s look up the time…
6 Months for 2 Difficult 1 Challenging (that needs 16 hours a day)

Listen, the alternatives are really dangerous! Resisting giant spider poison, failing Survival tests, drowning, starving… that’s some serious biz!

If you’d like fewer tests, get yourself a nice Midi wound first. Maybe during the spider fight you can get both wounded and poisoned! Spider fights are a goldmine of stat tests.

Need to find me a drill instructor!

I had a player go out and try plowing a field while he was injured, because his actions had gotten the farmer critically injured and he wanted to make atonement.

In retrospect, I should’ve probably made his wounds worse for failing the test.

Luckily your elf lives a long time.

Unfortunately it’s hard to test Forte. Fortunately, because it’s so rarely tested, it’s not terrible to have low Forte. Strange but true! Your PTGS suffers a bit, but only a bit.

Drinking is the only skill rooted in Forte. Challenge Dwarves to Drinking contests and I guarantee you will rack them up.

 So the B3 Forte human would be doing Beginners Luck with the Drinking skill, wouldn't he?  Or can he just be trying to survive the experience with out learning how to hold his liquor?

That gives me Hope at least.

No, it’s definitely a BL test. However, it’s not hard to imagine a scenario where the Ob for winning a drinking contest against a Dwarf is so high that a test is marked towards the stat and not learning the skill.