How do I obtain this game?

(owen) #1

I see that Memento Mori will sell me the PDF on drivethru, but that comes with a disclaimer that I would have to build my own pieces/decks.

So if you were going to get into Freemarket, how would you even obtain the game?

(Agnelcow) #2

I’ve occasionally seen hard copies at the BW booth at cons, but that’s gotten rarer as the years have gone on. I ended up going for the PDF myself.

For proxying, I print on plain paper, cut with a big ol’ hinged paper cutter, glue to old Magic cards (typically lands), and slot into solid-colored card sleeves. There’s better options quality-wise, but that’s a cheap option if you have the materials on-hand from accumulated years of nerdy hobbies.

It’d be great to see the decks go up on Drive Thru Cards or something.

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(owen) #3

Does the PDF contain the information you would need to scratch build those bits?

(samwise) #4

Yes, PDF contains information of components.

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(yougotnick) #5

I purchased the PDF on Drivethru initially then printed the cards and slipped them into card protectors to make them a little more usable. I eventually found a hard copy of the box set on Noble Knight. They pop up there from time to time.

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When the beta PDF came came out, before the game actually shipped, I straight up bought a few decks of cheap Bicycle cards - red for Challenge decks, blue for the Tech deck, and took a Sharpie to them. Later, I printed double-sided color prints of the deck graphics, cut them out, and stuck them in CCG card sleeves.

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