How do Read/Write work in BWGR?

Hi ALl,

I was looking over the changelog between BWG and BWGR, and noticed some changes around read/write which I Was wondering about. I don’t have the new book, but was curious if read/write were removed entirely, or are just not available on as many lifepaths as they used to be? Is the default assumption that everyone is literate now? :slight_smile:
I’d appreciate any clarification on what’s intended here.

Thanks, all.

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The skills are still in the game. The default has always been extensive illiteracy, but I believe those changes are because the Read and Write skills are available in earlier lifepaths required by the lifepaths that were changed.

A lot of those changes were about stripping out redundant skills on the lifepaths and therefore the inflated skill point values associated with them.


Thanks, Thor. That makes a lot of sense, and I can see where there is some fat that could be trimmed.

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