How do we get to the corner?


So we’ll soon be kicking over to the Invasion Phase of our game.

I’m thinking it’s about time to seriously try and kill/hull a PC. But it’s not clear to me what conditions must be met before that can happen.

My thinking is that I must win a Firefight with the explicit goal of capturing the target and then do a follow-on where I corner-stab the target.

Is this the correct sequence of events?

How much easier/harder is it to kill/hull a PC’s major NPCs (the ones they paid points for)?

I want to make sure I’m clear on this, because obviously my FoN will be the target of the PCs on their go and I want to ensure a consistent sauce for both goose and gander.


FF to capture, builder to hull! If the PC snagged a compromise in FF, he can use it to buy a defensive, “I jump your dude and stab him before he hulls me.” (Or he could just use a builder, later.) 'Cause note that the same character can’t capture and hull in the same maneuver with FF. You could, however, use the Stabby rules to capture him (stet guns are great for this) in a building scene. Next roll for your builder? The hull!


In a now-defunct game (different playstyle issues) I did the following to lead up to the hulling:

  1. Framed a PC. Building roll.
  2. PC failed to defend himself from the charges. He ended up in jail. Building.
  3. PC failed to convince his captors to keep him locked up instead of being sent off with the Vaylen. Building roll.
  4. PC failed to convince the Vaylen to let him go/Vaylen convinced PC that he was “safest” with her. DoW.

Next roll was going to be the hull. But another PC jumped in and rescued him with a FF.

My thinking is that you can just go and corner the guy however it makes sense in the narrative. If the PC wants to resist, then you’ll end up rolling for it. If it’s a big scene, then you’ll know to use FF or DoW.

Nice one, Dave!