How do you advance a B2 bow skill?

Quick question . . .

You need 2 routines and a difficult or challenge. During a fight, the OB is usually 2 or higher. How do you get routine tests for these types of skills? You cannot easily help with bow . . .

Aim in Fight.

Get bonus dice from maneuvers in Range and Cover.

Take your time in other tests.

Advantage dice, help, and forks are three ways to get additional dice which helps push those Ob2 tests down to routine.


Don’t forget linked tests. Also, remember you can still use Intent and Task in Fight. Furthermore, you could use it outside of a Fight scene. Get creative!

Get wounded. Wound penalties are advancement’s best friends.

Wound penalties help you get Difficult and Challenging tests with a low Ob. The OP wants Routine tests for a B2 Bow skill. Getting a Light wound would make that very hard, and anything worse would make it impossible.

Train or find instructor:)

Good point.

Wound penalties can help get tests, but they make it harder to get routine tests… (Especially if your B2 skill is reduced to B0… :slight_smile:


I’ll restate Kuba’s point: Practice. Martial Skills have training cycles of only one month, and Routine tests only require two hours a day.

Judicious use of training helps you fill in the gaps that “real life” leaves in your advancement. I get the idea that it’s sort of the point.

Don’t forget the bonus dice associated with each bow weapon. For example a B2 bowman with a hunting bow at optimal range rolls 4 dice against Ob 2 (routine).

That is for maneuver, not for hitting your target.

I’m just going to pop down the Inn and get in a couple hours practice carousing and then a couple hours brawling.

Longbow practice was required by law of all Englishmen over 14 in tne 13th and 14th centuries, as I recall, so practice isn’t that unlikely historically, although YMMV in game. I found it useful to spend an instinct on Sword practice at dawn when it was relevant.

There’s drunk, and there’s Army drunk. Cheers!