How does artha work with split pools?

This is a basic question that amounts to “Are split pools one test or two?” and “How much artha can I pour into a split-pool roll?”

I’m in a swordfight, Blood Versus. I have Sword B4, +2D to defense from armor, +1D to either from having better Reflexes.
I split my pool like this: 2D+1D on offense, 2D+2D on defense.

If I want to use Deeds to double my dice (Divine Inspiration), what happens? I know I don’t double advantage dice, but would I double my pool before I split it (in which case Deeds is worth +4D) or just pick half of it to double (in which case the Deeds is worth +2D dice, the way I’ve split the dice).
If I use Deeds or a call-on to reroll, I just pick one of the two halves to reroll, right?
I roll 6 4 3 on the attack and 6 6 1 1 on defense. My understanding is that a Fate point open-ends just one “side.” Can I use two Fate points to open-end both rolls?
If the two halves are really separate tests, can I sink six Persona into this fight to get 6D / 7D?

(Do any of the answers change if I’m splitting dice for a single Counterstrike instead of a whole Blood Versus?)

Add Persona before you roll (and before you split your dice). Spend Fate after you roll to explode any and all 6s.

Call-ons let you reroll all failures, as do Deeds points.

Thanks, Thor!

So it really is just one roll. Nice and simple. :slight_smile: