How does my Vaylen get a Warship?

I’m burning a Vaylen with the Clan Leader trait (which seems to parallel the Anvil/Hammer/Forged Lord traits among the humans). P.112 says the only ones who can get warships are human Lords, but come on, it’s the Vaylen Invasion people! They’re not devouring humanity in Mercators!

Unless someone tells me another legal way to get it, my clan leader’s buying a hammer cruiser.


The Vaylen Commander and Captain lifepaths (Page 188) have the Mark of Privilege trait, which makes you inhabiting a human lord. Either of those would work.

Check the Vaylen Infestation rules on page 198. Vaylen characters in the Infiltration phase can’t have warships but Vaylen in the Usurpation phase can pay full traits list cost to buy Hammer Lord or Forged Lord, which allows them to buy warships, and in the Invasion phase they may nominate one trait to be bought at lifepath cost.

Zab’s right, of course, but I guess Clan Leader should be in that list, too. Sounds suspiciously like an easily overlooked omission, aka errata.

Huh. I always assumed it was intentional, to keep Vaylen from coming into the Infiltration strapped to the gills. Though if you can field a Bat-Kraken, with squadron of batling-krakenette escorts, what’s a few hammer cruisers between friends?

Well, that works as an infiltration-level thing… Your vaylen comes into the game posing as a Hammer Lord, and so can buy the trait, but the Vaylen do have organic vaylen warfleets, with Ksatriyen, Makara and Vaylen (not hammer lord) commanders and crew. There should be some way to get those into the game. I always thought Clan Leader lifepath reflected the Vaylen “war leader”, who led those sorts of forces.

I can see your point, from a purely story point of view, why you’d want those assets limited in the infiltration phase, expensive in the usurpation phase, and more easy to get in the invasion. So I can go either way. for now (because I’m madly burning GMFoN’s for tonight and don’t have time to mess around anymore), I’ll assume I can get it via clan leader.

I mean, a hammer lord can get ships in the Infil phase, so why not the Clan Leader? The Hammer Lord doesn’t use his ships because there are other matters at hand. Same should go for the Clan Leader.

God spoke and the word was Clan Leaders get Warships.

The old man took out his chisel and chipped away at the stone tablet, engraving the Lord’s word as more line of sacred errata.