How many d6's?

I’m sure the answer to my question is in the book, but my book is still in the mail. I’m wondering about how many d6’s one player would need in a given MG session. Thanks.

I’m happy with 5 to 10.

I have a set of 12 matching d6s I use when game mastering and that’s always been enough for me.

It’s nice when people’s dice match because you can tell who helped and who didn’t.

for MG, no player should ever need more than 15.
Really, 6 for peak skill, plus 3 from artha, plus 2 from tool is 11D, +1D from a linked test, +2 advantage dice is 14… help dice come from other players, so you’ve 1 to set aside for loaning.

Again, if each player has different dice, and each players dice match, it makes it really simple to know who helped.

Thanks! I think it would be great (though not essential) for each to have their own matching dice. Excellent idea.