How many enemies can i get during character creation?


In the Circles and Relationships section of charatcer creation, if I choose to be a loner in question 1, I gain +1 circles and an enemy.

But Q4 asks me if I have an enemy - is this an automatic ‘yes’ since I was given one in question 1? And I don’t get the +1 circles becasue I already got it in q1?

or is it an extra enemy, so I’ll end up with two enemies and +2 circles?

Thank you


If you choose to be a loner in question 1, you don’t answer any of the other questions.

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Awesome, thanks Thor!

A quick follow up question…

Magicians must have a mentor, but what happens if they choose to be a loner? the mentor section will be skipped

Is it somewhere else in the rules?

Thanks again!

You’re welcome!

Magicians don’t have to have a mentor, but things definitely get more challenging for them if they don’t. In the Dungeoneer’s Handbook, see Loner Libraries on page 92 and Learning New Spells on page 96. There’s a subsection of the latter, Magical Friend, that notes you can hire an instructor to teach you. You just need to track them down and convince them!

If you start without a mentor – perhaps yours died or you ran away – it would behoove you to locate a new one quickly. Perhaps go to a wizard’s tower and try to make friends? There’s nothing stopping anyone from making new mentor relationships in play, you just don’t get it for free like you do in character creation.