How many Gear Bonuses can I get on a test?

Can I get more than + 1D on a test from relevant gear if I have more than one?

pg 93 gives the basic treatment of gear for tests. I think that leaves some opening for the question you’ve posed. pg 239 gives a tiny additional insight, but doesn’t really answer the topic and introduces an alternate question, “How much can a fellow mouse offer in help?”

Here’s what I bring to the table as GM, “Choose one ability, skill, wise, or gear that’s really critical. That’s what gains the bonus.” So, for a PC mouse making the test, that mouse calls upon the ability or skill that really matters most. If that PC mouse has a piece of gear, that’s +1; however, if they have many pieces of gear, my ruling has always been that you can’t gain extra bonuses from each piece–just pick the one that really tells the story. If fellow mice (PC or NPC) are also supporting, the fellow mouse offers +1 from an ability, skill, wise, or gear. So, the +1 from ability, skill, or wise is fairly clear in the rules text. I use the same reasoning about the gear, i.e. if that one piece of gear is really telling the narrative of your assistance, that’s the +1. Lastly in this topic, the PC mouse can use personal gear or use borrowed gear, but not both. So, if a fellow doesn’t have a skill to assist, but has a great piece of gear, the testing mouse would have to use that borrowed gear rather than their own gear; otherwise, the fellow mate cannot really participate as a Helper.

Now in respect to supplies mentioned on pg 239, my insight is this would relate to material (raw or processed) that contributes to a test of craft or trade, but isn’t a specialized piece of gear. So, if a PC mouse has access to a forge by way of Sr Artisan, that’s great, but it’s fundamental for the craft of smithing tools or hinges or locks, etc. Then, the fellow Sr Artisan shows up to assist w/ Smith skill, that’s +1. And the Sr Artisan has arranged for a fully stocked shed of ore, charcoal, and other sundries for the forging work, that’s +1 for supplies. A different example might be toward Scientist: the PC mouse has the skill, and gains access to a lab with needed wares; that’s enough for the basics. Then a fellow Guard patrol mate shows up with Brewer skill to assist and a bushel of berries for distilling ink; that’s +1 for the Skill helper AND +1 for the supplies. Whereas, if the fellow patrol mate said, “I’ve also got a recipe book,” I’d ask, “what’s really telling the story of your support, having the skill or having the recipe?” That could lead to a choice and a setting; imagine a response like this, “The recipe book is the real story here; since, this is an old book of lesser known inks which wouldn’t be created without the proper instructions–it’s too complicated to work from memory.” That’s kinda neat, even if it doesn’t matter much. (I’d treat that like a wise and the fellow patrol mate would be insulated from Conditions for that test.)

So, here’s my breakdown:

  • Tested Ability/Skill as-rated
  • Personal Gear
  • Fellow Helper w/ Ability/Skill, Wise, OR Gear
  • Supplies as appropriate
  • Situations such as Time, Weather, Night (usually detrimental, but not always)

The rules say that the GM can decide to give you an advantage die if you have some bit of useful gear. There’s nothing there about multiple dice or several pieces of gear, so I’d say you can only get that one +1D from gear.