How many tests does it take?

From the bottom of page 312:

Exponent 2-4
Advancing an exponent 2-4 skill requires a number of rountine tests equal to the exponent. In addition, a character needs difficult tests equal to half the exponent, or challenging tests equal to his exponent divided by three (rounded up).

From the top of page 313:

Exponent 5+
For skill exponents 5 and higher, a character needs difficult tests equal to half of the ability exponent and challenging tests equal to one-third of the exponent rounded up.

1/3 of 4 is 1+1/3. Rounded up, this would be 2. 1/3 of 5 is 1+2/3, rounded up becomes 2. 1/3 of 7 is 2+1/3, which rounds up to 3.

According to the table on page 313 entitled “Tests Required to Advance Skills”, both exponent 4 and exponent 5 require only 1 challenging test to advance, and exponent 7 requires 2 challenging tests.

Which is right, the text or the table?