How many tests to learn multiple spells?

How would you handle learning multiple spells in a single adventure?

In the adventure today, my players came upon a magical sanctum with multiple spells available to learn, but not take with them (inscribed on a magical column). By the rules, this would be one Scholar test per spell, taking at least 8 turns on the grind. They had plenty of food and light and were considering just sitting it out while the Magician learned all 8 spells.

I felt that this wouldn’t be “interesting” and that the spirit of TB is to focus on interesting moments (i.e. only make tests when it matters) and as a solution proposed that they make camp and spend a single check to learn all 8 spells at an increased difficulty (+2 to the hardest spell). This was a lower difficulty than I might have done in other circumstances due to the magic of the place making it easier to learn and cast spells.

Does this seem like a reasonable approach? I suppose if I had gone “by the book”, failed checks or just the passage of time could have introduced interesting elements before they learned all 8 spells, so perhaps I made it too easy on them?

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I think I would have said it’s not an activity for adventure phase and would require one (or more) checks in camp.


Thanks, Luke! Glad I went with my gut on this one. :slight_smile:


You made the right call. Sorry, I should have said that straight away.


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