How to increase Precedence

I’ve been combing through the books but can’t find out how to increase Precedence. Anyone have an answer?

Hi Matt,

  • All characters gain +1 Precedence at 6th level (see the Level Investment Requirements table, Dungeoneer’s Handbook, page 112)
  • Unsoiled finery confers +1 Precedence (see Finery, Dungeoneer’s Handbook, page 151)
  • Beyond these, you need to gain position and title to increase Precedence. See the Example Precedence Scheme, Scholar’s Guide, page 82). Have you been made a Count or Earl? You’re now Precedence 4.

Thank you Thor! I will check out those page references. Much appreciated.

Rich parents.


The Noble Scion in the Scavenger’s Supplement is all about precedence…


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