How to resolve?


How would you mechanically represent a firefight where one side was defending a train on a monorail and the other side was ambushing it?

I am assuming that in this case the ambushing side is not going to blow up the tracks. I am also assuming that the objective of the attackers is to stop the train without destroying its cargo.

The objective of the train is to make it past the ambush site. Would the train defenders have to achieve enough advances to reach the other side of the battle space?

Well, it sounds like the train would have to be a position itself or perhaps a handful of positions. The berm would have to be a position, too.

The attackers swoop along side the train, and have to board it or have to move along with it and pick off its defenders.

Neither the ambush site nor the engine should be positions – those are objectives represented by the dispositions.


Thanks. Sounds good.

I will let you know how it goes.

Oh, and given that this is a special situation, I’d allow the defenders to start in positions on the train, regardless of the outcome of the contact roll. If the attackers win contact, they can’t start in any positions, but they can take their +2s to their dispo.


Hey Justin,

Just wondering how this turned out in play, if you had a chance to run this FF setup yet. It sure sounds cool!


As soon as it does, I will tell you all about it.

We play fortnightly 1 maneuver per session.