How to run BW post-apocolypse

My players are wanting to run a post apocalyptic game. We also really enjoy BW, so we were wondering if anyone had any ideas or previous experience

Since the apocalypse started we’ve been using Roll20.


What tech level would there be in your post-apocalypse?

You can just make characters without LPs, and all the mechanics work fine no matter the setting, but if you want guns and stuff, you’d need to whip them up based on existing materials from BW and even Burning Empires.

@Totally_Guy - It is a travesty that I cannot like your first comment more than once. I am dying.
@Elfazar, it’s easiest if the apocalypse was fairly recent - maybe the thing that triggers your adventure. Otherwise you need to burn new LPs. And speaking from a LOT of experience, it’s a pain.
BUT, you could draw inspiration from Under A Serpent Sun, a supplementary setting guide to the burning wheel by luke and co. You can probably find it on the BW discord, but I believe Luke has disowned it alongside the monster burner and burning jihad.


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