How to Start A New Campaign Conversation

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Looking for some advice on starting a new campaign. The last one was a short campaign based off of Game of Thrones. It was a success and people really liked the system. However they are really interested in building our own setting and situation, which is great. However I am not sure how to start. Is there a starting questionnaire list or like a jumping off point worksheet that anyone is aware of that could help.

Thanks in advance.

Do you have the Codex? This is covered extensively there.

Specifically, the Adventure Burner section (page 23–38).

Situation is addressed specifically from page 27, and the Setting from 30. A questionaire is spread across both sections.

This section will push you and your group to create a setting that is full of grist for conflicts, and belief driven characters, and prime you (see Burning Action, page 36) to jump straight into your first session.


Thank you, to be honest I haven’t really looked at the Codex, as I didn’t want to confuse myself, and start simple to find it’s not just more stuff in terms of mechanics but loads of advice… d’oh

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Avoiding all the extra mechanical content initially is very sound. Definitely read the commentary though. The discussion of BITs is particularly valuable for new players.


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