how to use Nature Descriptor "Sneaking" when you're an Halfling Burglar ?

The Rules say:
Acting Within Your Nature
When action in the game involves one of your descriptors, and you do not have the skill in question, you can roll your Nature instead of a skill. It’s very useful!”

OK, but when you’re an Halfling, you never get to use your Sneaking Nature descriptor, as you are a Burglar with the Scout skill by design.

A scout is adept at spotting and tracking monsters on the prowl, sneaking behind enemy lines, trailing targets and finding hidden things. When out on patrol, scouts also excel at moving undetected.

That covers pretty much all the applications of the Sneaking descriptor, right ?
As an halfling, you would never be able to use your Natural Talent of being Sneaky instead of using Scout (though you could Tap easily into your Nature).
Isn’t that a little sad ?

Besides tapping with Persona I’m sure that a clever player could use it instead of Scout. Sadly, I’m not clever, so I can’t find a good example. Maybe something like “I sneak around camp and nibble on the paladin’s rations.” argumenting that since the paladin is no enemy you cannot use Scout.

But yeah, I can see the problem.

Stay cool :cool:

You can help others, including instinct tests, if you can describe how Sneaking can help.

You figure out ways to be sneaky when you do other things. :smiley:

You also get to to Tap your Nature for something that is within your Nature, which is a huge benefit.

Note, Halflings are not alone in this. Dwarves (with Delving and Crafting nature) have skills like Dungeoneer, Laborer and Armorer. Elves (with their Remembering nature) have skills like Lore Master and Scholar.