How to use specific traits against yourself

Hi everyone,

I have a mouse character who is kind of a Hunter.

He has 2 traits: Wise and Though

How could I use these against myself (in order to gain a check)? any ideas ?

(I can provide more info about the char if needed :slight_smile: )

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  • Miguel

Wise on a Persuader or Oratory test: “I prattle on about the lessons learned from the weasel wars, probably boring him/them to tears.”

“it would be foolish to press this attack.” (Wise Trait used against an attack action in a conflict)
“The wise mouse should consider options before making a decision” (Wise Trait used against anything involving quick decision making)
“This trek is idiocy and every bit of my experience is telling me to turn back” (Wise trait used against a Pathfinding Test)
“Love is a fool’s errand. I’ve been hurt too many times to expect a different result.” (Wise Trait used against a Persuasion Test)
“I cannot take any chances, and go with something tried and true rather than unexpected.” (Wise Trait used against a Feint action in a Conflict)

“I can’t quite show this group that I care about their well-being” (Tough Trait used against Oratory)
“We can take a harder route to get there in a shorter time” (Tough trait used against Pathfinding)
“Telling her how much I love her just makes me too vulnerable, I can’t do it.” (Tough trait used against Persuasion)
“Bring it on, Wolf, I can take it!” (Tough trait used against Defend Conflict)

Wise is most definitely a character who’s all “think first, take actions later…no, no, later, we need to think more”. :wink: That easily interferes with tests.

Tough is pretty easy. Tough people think they can get things done through grit, rather than planning, and they don’t ask for help or know when to quit.

Very much this. Tough is one of the easiest traits to earn a check with. Any time there’s a physical task that needs to be done, the tough character pushes himself beyond his or her limits in order to get things done.

Wise, to me, I think plays more as a more haughty version of Clever in terms of earning checks. With Clever, you can narrate the character out-thinking himself and causing a problem by needlessly complicating things. With Wise, I see more of the character not listening to outside reason, as he or she feels their knowledge is superior to the one offering the advice.

But how would you use Wise or Tough against yourself instead of in your favour ?

For me, they’re both positive traits that can become negative if used in a way that shows stubbornness.

As an example, assume that the character with the Tough trait has a test where he or she needs to build a dam in a hurry before an impending flood hits the town. The player can use Tough as a helper, saying “My mouse is tough, and so he’s better suited to this kind of physical labor. He’ll be able to keep on working long after other mice have called it quits!” However, they could just as easily use the trait against themselves by saying “My mouse is tough, so he won’t know when to quit. He’ll keep working long after he’s been worn out, which will cause him to become less useful than another, more rested mouse. He’ll become reckless and unsafe as his body starts to fail him.” It’s when being Tough leads to arrogance or trying to keep up appearances when you’re really hurt that you start earning checks.

Wise could be somewhat considered the same way, but the arrogance takes on a slightly different tone. For instance, a Wise mouse might be pulled into a needless argument with another mouse out of need to assert his mental superiority. Similarly, a particularly knowledgeable mouse may end up getting wrapped up in his own thoughts and not take into consideration his audience. A speech by a mouse that begins to ramble into language and lore that other mice can’t understand or relate to does little to help the orator.

Does that help a bit more?

I think só. Will need to practice this :slight_smile:

Many thanks

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