How to win?

I just ran MG for the first time and the mice won exactly one test out of the four tests and three conflicts in the first two pregen missions.

I’m going to write up a list of every mechanic for getting extra dice so next time we play it will be right there. A lot of MG seems to be figuring out where to squeeze extra dice from when they’re needed.

Teamwork - +1D per helping guard or NPC.
I Am Wise - +1D for having a relevant Wise.
Fate - Use to explode 6s.
Persona - Add +1D per point of persona spent OR spent persona to add Nature to any roll. (except Resources or Circles).
Traits - +1D once OR +1D always OR reroll failed dice, depending on level of the trait.

Anything else?


In order to succeed at MG, the PCs must work together. You will fail a lot if you just enter each test with help or forethought.

The most common bonuses that you look for are:

  1. Wises +1D - use one of your wises
  2. Help +1D - help from another PC
  3. Gear +1D - using an appropriate tool

Remember that the larger the PC group the more likely that Help will be on hand to give +1 or even +2D or +3D.

After those, you then can look at the following:

  1. Persona Points - +1D or tap Nature for a number of extra dice equal to nature.
  2. Fate Points - if you get 6s then you get to reroll them.
  3. Traits - +1D

In addition, if you know a challenge is coming up then use your Circles and Resources to recruit assist or purchase the right tools.

Finally, remember that even a failed test in MG is not a failure. The GM has the option of letting you succeed and giving you a condition instead.

Yeah, it was the a “failed roll is not a failure” thing that kept my first MG session from being deathly painful for the players. They kept failing but it was still fun.

Ran it a second time tonight and it works a lot better. I think the success/fail ratio was right around 50/50, maybe a bit in the players favor. (They kicked ass in my turn but couldn’t make a roll to save their lives in their turn. It was kinda funny.) The two big things that helped was using Nature at the right time and getting Tool dice.