How Versatile is Versatile?

I did a search for halberd and versatile and came up empty, so I’ll ask here. How “versatile” is “versatile”? Specifically, when can you change how you’re using a halberd? Is it chosen at the first action and locked in for the rest of the conflict? Can you change it at the first action of each round? By a strict reading, it’d be the former, but by a strict reading you wouldn’t be able to change styles again ever after the first time you use it in a conflict. :wink:

So, I’ve ruled that it’s locked in for the conflict, but I’d like some kind of an official answer (or at least informed opinions) so that I’m not cheating anybody.



<sheepish>Nevermind.</sheepish> I swear I did a search for “versatile” in the PDF and it didn’t find the entry. Sorry.

So, for the record, you can change how you use the halberd at the top of each round (or use a different weapon altogether).

Again, sorry. :frowning: