How would you stat up Meerkats ?

A few months ago i was at the zoo and looked at Meerkats. Their social structure and the fact that they eat mice makes them ideal opponents to a patrol of guardmice.

How would you stat them up? I think they should be on the same level on the naturescale as weasels but i have no more ideas.
In the end they should only be defeated by a war conflict since they are to many.

They will threaten Sandmason soon…

I take it you are playing a game set in the deserts of Southern Africa? That is where they are from. Not really in the setting of Central North America. But hey, we are talking about a game where the mice wield swords.

Physically they seem to be in the same class as Weasles. But really it comes down to getting at what is their Nature. That is what makes them interesting/different. They seem to be very social they seem to have a lot of hierarchical dominace with all of their killing of pups that are not born in the “right” place in the hierarchy. They seem to be always hungry given that they do not have fat reserves. If they did live in the setting of Mouseguard, that alone would insure their death in the first winter. No Fat = Death when food is scarce.