Hulling a Vaylen GMFON: Roll required?

So say I’m the GM, I’m taking the side of the Vaylen, and I have a figure of note who’s a human. If I wanted to hull him, could I just narrate it in a color/interstitial? Or would that be lame?

Because there’s a chance at failing the hull, the GM really should roll for it.

(I attempted to hull one of my GMFONs three times, and ended up screwing the guys up almost to unplayability – and never hulling him!)


Hi Brett,

As the GM, you can pretty much use any scene type to hull an NPC with an NPC – color, builder or conflict.

Color – you say it.

Builder – you roll for the surgery.

Conflict – you make hulling part of your compromise.



I’m thinking, though, that if it’s something that would be disputed big-time by the players you should make it a conflict or building scene to give the players something to fight you over, and give them some adversity by putting something they care about in Jeopardy, right?

That may seem like an obvious thing, but I sometimes struggle running Burning Empires/Wheel.