Hulling my Vaylen-side but not actually Vaylen GMFoNs?

So, running an Infiltration Phase campaign now. We’re midway through, and I’m very certain that my side’s gonna win our objective (in this case, changing some regulations) which sets us up for the Usurpation.

Thing is, all my GMFoNs are regular humans - opposed to the PCs of course, and creating the conditions for the Vaylen to do their thing. But narratively (and mechanically), how do I fit the actual Vaylen into the next Phase?

For example, we’ve established obviously which FoNs on both sides will be the FoN for particular Phases. But none of these guys are Vaylen. Am I allowed to narrate, as a part of the victory lap at the end of this Phase, the Vaylen hulling my GMFoNs?

Or am I supposed to create a NEW non-FoN that appears on the scene, doing all this hulling, though that makes the game sort of silly since none of the PCs will have Beliefs or Instincts about this new guy.

Or am I just supposed to announce "Such-and-such GMFoN was always a Vaylen! wOOt! He totally hulls the other GMFoNs!

Or how? How to, um, insert the Vaylen in the next Phase without it being silly, and making sense in the narrative of a successful Infiltration? After all, this phase, all the enemies are human, naturally, and the Vaylen threat isn’t even a gleam in anyone’s eye.

Let your first colour scene of the phase be the hulling. You are sometimes allowed to say Yes to yourself

  1. Decide if there are indeed vaylen. Some worlds don’t actually have any…but they tear themselves apart anyway.

  2. if there really are vaylen, try to work in a vaylen agent in this phase as a friend or subordinate of one of your FONs. Have him hull maybe one other background character at the end of the phase. But once Usurpation begins, turn him loose! Try not to use color scenes for hulling until you have a FoN hulled.

Well, I sorta wanted Vaylen - after all, that’s what got them excited in the first place to try the game.

Hmm…I’ll have a think on that. It can be done after all, since some “2nds” are known to the PCs already. Thanks for the advice!

Have a “cousin,” “old friend,” or a “previously hulled mentor” show up and color scene the cousin hulling GMFON1, and then next color scene, give GMFON1 the tank of naïven… you don’t need to wait if you don’t want to.