Hulling or Killing a Figure of Note


It came up in conversation in during our third(!) week of campaign prep for our BE game.

Can a Figure of Note be killed or hulled during a phase prior to their Phase? What if that happens but the Vaylen phase intent isn’t to knock them out of the game?

Not that it hasn’t happened … yet.

Yes, it can happen. That means that the side who lost their character for the phase doesn’t get to roll to add to their dispo.

Such are the vicissitudes of war.

And three weeks?! What the hell is taking so long?


I know. Isn’t it insane?

We meet weekly for about 3 hours to game. First week we spent World Burning. The 2nd week we spent about 70% of the time hashing out everyone’s beliefs as a group. People were sent home with “homework” to finish their characters. I made myself available for questions, but as you expect, no one had their characters finished. Half the group actually bought the .pdf (which is good for our group), but we’ve never played a “Burning” game before. So the 3rd week was finishing characters. Instincts seem to really be difficult for us also.

But, barring a natural disaster, we begin our first manuever next week. I’m expecting it to be a somewhat of a slog for at least for a few sessions as we internalize the game. I think people are excited. I know I am. The World Burning and then the beliefs are creating a game I know I would have never devised on my own. So cool.

Well, if you’re only playing 3 hours at a go, that makes it only about two of our sessions.

And as long as everyone is enthused, then you’re ok.

But if you are playing a short session, don’t let the players dwell on picking a maneuver. Give them 10 minutes to choose. It’s not rocket science and there should not be an hour long discussion about what to do. Just pick one, play it out and see what happens.

Also, if you’re playing a short session stick to one conflict per side. Do not engage in the optional second conflicts. Keep it simple, short and sharp.

You can absolutely do a complete maneuver in three hours, but the key is not to dawdle.