Human Drunk

You’re sitting in the tavern with your large belly peeking out from the bottom of your tunic, your breath reeking of stale ale and staler fish. Then, as always, a group of adventurers loudly pushes their way through the entrance doors and step up to the bar next to you. They flash treasure and coin around as if it were kings and queens and they buy everyone rounds of drinks on them. They tell elaborate stories of adventure, heroism, and treasure. They speak of deeds that no mortal man could possibly accomplish. Or could he? You think for a moment and, yes, yes, you do believe that you could do these kinds of things. You could be an adventure and be rich. “Here hold my ale and watch this,” You say to the nearest barfly. You pick up a dagger sticking in a nearby bar table, put a helmet on your head, and walk out the door. Your life of adventuring has begun.

Human Drunk

Distribute 8 points between Will and Health
Will may never be higher than Health

Skills: Haggler 3, Scavenger 3, Fighter 2, Criminal 2. [Also, choose one of the following skills and give it a rating of 3 (if you already have the chosen skill, increase the current rating by one to a maximum of 4): Carpenter, Laborer, Peasant, Stonemason, Weaver.]

Trait: Alcoholic
Weapons: Dagger
Armor: Helmet


Level 1
Drunk: Drunks start with a helmet and a dagger.

Level 2
Brawler: As the level 2 warrior Brawler ability.

Alcohol Solves Everything: Drinking alcohol counts as using supplies for anything.

Level 3
Social Drinker: While in town, for a Lifestyle Cost of +2, you can buy drinks for a small group and satisfy everyone’s hunger and thirst. You can make recovery tests (as per the normal rules) for angry and afraid if more drinks are ordered.

Secret Stash: You can carry a wine skin on your torso in addition to other inventory.

Level 4
Liquid Courage: When you’ve been drinking, you cannot gain the afraid condition until after you become hungry and thirsty, you do not mark a lesser or alternate condition.

High Tolerance: As the level 4 dwarf Hardy Stock ability.

Level 5
Drinking Buddy: As the level 5 warrior Henchman ability.

Hold My Drink: Once per session, when making a Beginner’s Luck test, you do not divide your dice pool in half, you roll the full amount.

That’s interesting, but at L1, it needs what armor and weapons the Drunk is able to use, not just what he starts with.

Yeah there are a few things I need to work on to fully flesh it out. That is one of them. I posted the Drunk online for feedback and additional ideas. Thanks for pointing that out to me.

Do you have any ideas for the weapons he is able to use?

Also, I’ve got levels 6-10 I’m working on as well, just have to fill in the holes.

I’d allow impromptu weapons and thrown weapons at no penalty, to account for fighting with bottles, jugs, or broken table legs. Allow leather armor, at most.

Yeah, I’d do leather armor and a helmet. (Got to protect the noggin from bottles and such). Maybe Improvised weapons function as a hand axe (counts as armed, may be thrown to turn independant tests to versus against all but bow, crossbow and sling). As far as regular weapons, I’d stay pretty simple. Maybe dagger, hand axe, mace, pole arm, sword and warhammer.

Also, the bonus skills are for humans in general, not class based. They are Criminal, Haggler, Pathfinder or Survivalist. The Drunk shouldn’t have different choices and definitely shouldn’t have five choices instead of four. You could maybe change one of the choices for flavor, but I wouldn’t.

There isn’t any penalties in the game associated with improvised weapons. It appears to be more of a GM judgement on how the improvised weapon works. So if someone does use a jug as a weapon it might work as a hand axe one time or just act as supplies, giving +1D depending on the GM’s choice.

Providing the starting drunk with leather armor makes sense.

The skill choice doesn’t replace the Human Bonus Skill, it’s in addition to it. All the human classes have 5 skills plus the HBS, the nonhuman classes have 6 skills. The Drunk has 4 skills, plus a choice of profession skill, and the HBS. This keeps it inline with the other classes.

Thanks for the feedback. It keeps my mind gears moving.

That makes sense with the skills. Its an interesting idea. You should explain that in the description, though, to prevent confusion. It sure looks like it is replacing the bonus human skills.

Going along with the drunkard aspect, how about this for improvised weapons (This might actually be better for a level ability as its similar to the L3 Assassin’s ability Deadly Tools):

Barfighter: Human Drunks can use bottles and jugs as improvised weapons. Bottles gain a +1D to Attack or Fient actions while jugs gain a +1s to the same actions. After each use, roll a d6. On a roll of 1-3, the bottle or jug is destroyed, losing any contents.