Human Lifepaths and the Eugenicist Skill

I couldn’t find any human lifepaths that include the Eugenicist skill. How might a human scientist or researcher access a skill like this one, generally only falling within a Vaylen lifepath?

General skill points, or by opening it during play.

Right, ok. Missed that.



Not quite the same thing, but check out the homebrewed lifepath Eugenicist and the Human Eugenics skill on the wiki.

Check Techburner rules - there is some about automation (p. 387) - but it will be a really expensive Resources test during the game. On the other hand you could use Circles to find specialist with accurate skills and knowledge.

That’s most excellent. Thank you. Actually, I’ve a player who’s burning a character, and she is highly invested in trying to beat the Vaylen at their own game, hence the interest in Eugenics.