Human Scale Tolerances Vs AT

Why was it chosen to have a seperate notation for AT rather than subtracting the Armor value form damage? It seems with the ability to damage armor, take it off, modify the values (lilke removing the helments), etc that it would be simpler on the book keeping to just subtract current Armor from pips of damage…

Is there something else that I am missing?

Because that would involve doing math every time you are hit. This way involves doing math once, when you create your character.

Also, adding a permanent modifier feels cooler than subtracting damage. Feels like you’re wearing something hefty when you can directly compare the wound that you took with what it should have been.


My issue was that say my Lord-Pilot is in a FF… With:

Physical Tolerances: Superficial H3, Injured H5, Maimed H8, Mortal H10

(From the PDF, Text copy is NICE!, Thanks Luke!)

and is whering AT4 Iron so:

Armored Tolerances: Superficial H7, Injured H9, Maimed H12, Mortal H14

But Healment Up Tolerances of:

Armored (HU) Tolerances: Superficial H6, Injured H8, Maimed H11, Mortal H13

Now my LP takes a hit (during a DF manuver) of 8… (full armor) that is just a Sup… nothign to worry about… but later (just after the FF) I take off my armor do I need to mark this differently, make a notation…? Even worse if I need, and I take my helmet off during the FF (or I get a Devastator Hit!) I now have an Old Armor Tolerance, a Devestated Armor Tolerance, and an unarmored tolerance!! It just gets more and more ridiculious… and while it is unlikely to come up all the time, it has got to come up some times… I guess you could mark the Wounds seperately… If I take a Sup, I would Write SUP x 1 on my sheet, then if I got Injured twice! i could write INJx2 on the sheet, but it is not set up that way…

Personally it seems that subtracting 4 each time I get hit, and that mark being True regardless of Armored status is more simplistic… a little more math is not a big deal compared to confusion of what wound you had marked last week.

mmm… I do apologize that turned into a rant… I pray that you remeber I do it out of “love of the game” this is one tight system, you kept telling us how the skills and FF and everything tied into the Infection mechcanics, I didn’t believe you till I read it.



Did this come up in your game? It never came up in our playtests. Also, did you check out the character sheets? The PTS for the human scale has a slot for you to write in your ATs.


ummmm… no, it has not come up. :frowning:

Just thought about it when I was reading it, and it struck me as potnetally very confusing for a character who may be injured from session to session (healing, and is in and out of armor for various tasks. I saw the space for the ATs, but no way to make which damage came during your Armored-ness, and which ones came during your Un-armored-ness.

If I do it my way you won’t change my title-thingy? Will you O’ Wrathful One! I don’t want to be a 3rd-Level Dundledain Ranger!

Hmm… I pomise if it does come up I will resurect this thread and we can hash it out some more, if it proves not to be a problem, I will let you know that as well…


Wuss . . .

. . . and its 4th level.