Humans win the infiltration—now what?

Okay, I’m reading the book as I try to figure out a way to play this game with my group (six players + GM looks like a nightmare to run, I’d rather try to adapt it to one on one than to six). I’ve read the PDF, but it is far easier to absorb as a book. Lots of new stuff jumps out at me.

One thing is, can you go from a human win in the infiltration to usurpation or must you jump to invasion in order to continue the campaign? It seems to me that it is borderline cheating to say, “Yes. You have stymied the Vaylen’s attempts to get a toe hold. However, with the few worms on the planet they begin to breed Naiven and begin with a slower usurpation.”

I suppose if it was set-up that way from the beginning it wouldn’t be so bad. Something like, “The Vaylen figure of note for the usurpation phase is a political exile that’s been on the world for a while, and who doesn’t want the worm to come because that means paranoia and hunts that could lead to his discovery. However, once the humans realize the worm is here and starts looking he’s going to press hard to have the world taken.” So in the infiltration phase the Vaylen exile is helping the humans until they figure out the terror has arrived. Then he pitches in with the Vaylen, and whatever happens once the next phase starts he begins hulling and murdering people as a one-man usurpation attempt. If the players think that’s bull they can call the GM on it before play starts, and skip usurpation all together if they win the infiltration.

Is that right or am I so far off that it makes Luke wish he had a crying imp smilie?

You can still go to Usurpation. It’s unlikely that the humans are going to win without compromise. So if you want to carry on, the compromise can be regarding a few worms that escaped. And the human side is supremely benefited – they get to carry over half of their margin of victory into their dispo total for the next phase.

The key is wanting to play that next phase. If you do, there’s nothing stopping any negotiation to set up the situation for the phase.