Humble Jack

Nick-named for what he is not, Humble Jack is a back alley thug. A cheap blade for hire. There is no escaping the fact that he is out in the wilds because he is no longer welcome in Lagaas. Until the heat dies down or he can afford to buy off the authorities, Humble Jack has to take his chances out beyond the walls.

Humble Jack
Age: 18
Stock: Human
Class: Warrior
Home: Lagaas (Bustling Metro)
Raiment: Rough cloth, underneath tattered piecemeal leather armor.
Level 1
Alignment: Chaos

Belief: I live for today, for tomorrow I die.
Instinct: Always get mine first. Dinner, treasure, women.
Goal: -

Will: 2
Health: 5
Nature: Human 5
Circles: 4
Resources: 0

Parents: Orphan
Mentor: Pad, Criminal
Friend: Steward John
Enemy: Jannis, the Cleric, overseer of the orphanage

Commander 2
*Criminal 4
Fighter 4
Haggler 2
Mentor 2
Manipulator 2
Rider 2

Skulduggery-wise (or if that is too broad, Back Alley-wise)

Heart of Battle 1
Jaded 1

Head - Helmet
Neck - Ornate Soldier’s tags (1D)
Hands - Carried - Lantern

  • Cloak
  • Leather Armor
  • Satchel
    – Large Sack
    – Tinder Box
    – Fresh Rations
  • Pouch - Thieves Tools
  • Weapon - Sword
  • Wineskin

here is my rendition of Humble Jack


I like him! But this guy screams Manipulator rather than Persuader. Manipulator is used to lie and intimidate!

Ah, not having the skill descriptions made that not as clear a choice. I figured the Persuade by Force option was open. Manipulate it is, character adjusted.