Hunger Games Hack

*This will be a short message due to posting on phone.

To commemorate the absolutely fantastic series of The Hunger Games, I had thought of crafting a MGRPG hack.

Does anyone know of another attempt at this? Or any ideas of suggestions to help?

Are you thinking something set in the Hunger Games world? Or specifically a game about contestants in the Hunger Games? What aspect of the books do you want to focus on?


I have only read The Hunger Games thus far (great read) and don’t know anything about the rest of the series.

So in answer, yes I expect that the hack would revolve around an actual Hunger Game.

The participants from the 12 district would receive various unique traits from their home town, ages of those chosen would give additional checks in skills like those of Tenderpaw, Guardmouse, etc. Weapons would be the same.

Really I just wonder if it could be done and how, I even help in its creation. I think it has merit and would be an enjoyable experience.