Hunter skill

Is Hunter useable in Dungeons? There is no terrain dungeon factor for hunter.

What skill is used to get informations about underground creatures and undeads? Hunter, Dungeoneer , Lore Master or Scholar?

To get info it’s hunter

I’m playing in a game tonight, and I’m playing the pregen “Karolina”. She’s not only a top-notch hunter. but has the interesting Instinct “Always go hunting when we set camp”. This means she’s likely to at least try hunting in a dungeon environment. Perhaps she’ll be bringing back some nice fillet of Kobold? Or worse, half the dungeon on her trail…

Anyone run into this yet?

Hunter is used to hunt in the wilderness, not underground. If you want to make use of Karolina’s excellent instinct, I suggest you encourage the party to make its camp outside the dungeon in the wilderness. Not only will it allow you to bring your instinct to bear, it’s considerably safer than camping in a dungeon.

Lore Master is the skill for information about magical creatures.

Theologian is the skill for information about undead, spirits and similar entities.

Hunter is the skill for information about natural beasts that live in the wilderness.

Experience will teach you about other underground beasts, though you could certainly use Scholar to research them if you have access to a library or other documents.

The bestiary of a learned sage could certainly be a valuable treasure or even object of a quest for a scholar.