I am Brand New to This.

Ok, this is my first… non-computer RPG… Is that how you say it…

Well, I read a good portain of the rules and I’m starting to get it… but I need help with everything, aside from like character creation. I have read some of the posts on this forum, and that helped… But could someone give me like a tutorial summary? Idk… We’re just a little lost.

I am to understand me and my twin brother are enough people to play? We have more people that will play, but he is just someone always here.

I know absolutely nothing about these “Table-Top RPGs.” So talk to me like you would talk to a 4 year old. Hope I can get some help, and thanks.

Hi Hamshire,

Welcome to Mouse Guard and to the forum. Two people is enough to play, although just barely (two more in addition to you and your brother would be ideal). I’d suggest you review the Missions chapter on pages 53 to 84, and then run the “Find the Grain Peddler” mission that begins on page 274, with your brother taking the role of one of the more experienced guardmice (Kenzie or Saxon). It shouldn’t take more than an hour or two. Look at it as a learning experience, and we’ll be happy to answer specific questions that arise from your first session.

Here’s a flowchart for how to move through “Find the Grain Peddler:”


Here’s a session I wrote up that you could use as an example, and some post-game analysis:


Very helpful.

I recently ran my first game of Mouseguard. I posted on the forum and got some good feedback, perhaps it will help you too. http://www.burningwheel.org/forum/showthread.php?12238-My-First-Game-of-Mouseguard