I capture him! *roll* Success! I kill him!

Happened last night playing with my brother. He met the wanted criminal Midnight by the scent border. He asked if he could catch him by pouncing on him with his sword drawn, he won the versus test then immediately said “Now I kill him!”.

I reminded him that if he wanted Midnight dead he could have just said that’s what he wanted and we could have rolled for doing that.

I ruled that the moment he caught Midnight we would switch to the players turn. I think this was the right thing to do as I had no more threats. The other player said that he wanted to spend his first check to convince his patrol leader not to kill Midnight. The tenderpaw had 2 persuasion dice and the patrol leader had 5 will dice but the tenderpaw spent persona to tap nature to triumph!

It looks like using the system guided us back into the game after all.

That was a great time to move to the Players’ Turn, and a cool outcome. Deftly handled by you and the game.

What were the Patrol Leader’s BIGs?

Well played sir.