I don't get the Bright Mark infamous reputation

I mean, yeah, I get it story-wise. But I don’t get the logic of how it’s supposed to work in the game. I’m probably overlooking something really obvious (again!)…

  1. The Bright Mark grants a 1d infamous reputation everywhere but the Karsan League. Groovy.

  2. Infamous reputations cause a +1Ob per die of reputation to Circles tests made within that circle or faction. You can also apply the infamous reputation, without penalty, to factions and circles opposed or inimical to the circle/faction in which the player is infamous.

Does this not seem precisely backwards? So…I’m at a +1Ob to circle up someone else with the Bright Mark but I can use the reputation without penalty to Circle up enemies of the Bright Mark? WTF?


Nah, nah, you’re at +1 Ob to circles up “anywhere but the Karsan League” dudes, but you’re +1d to circles up enemies of those dudes. In this case, I’d restrict that 1d to Psychologists, their allies, and folks who’d trust you better knowing you’re on the wrong side of the law.

Let’s say you have a 1d infamous rep with, I don’t know, Baltimore drug dealers. That means that if you’re looking for a Baltimore drug dealer, you’re at +1 Ob. But if you want an enemy of Baltimore drug dealers, +1d.

The thing to notice here is that the Bright Mark gives an Infamous rep “anywhere but the Karsan League,” NOT “with Psychologists etc.”

Yeah, okay. So it’s a +1Ob to circling everyone all the time? Except in the Karsan League? Wicked.

So when do you get to use the reputation at full value? Circling up, um…enemies of everyone all the time? (I know, I’m being silly; it’s probably full value in the Karsan League, yes?)


Well, I mean, yeah. Everyone, all the time. But not, you know, people who don’t give a shit or are actively supportive of Psychologists. Depends I guess on your world burn. You got some Psychologist Foundation shit up ins, you can circles them for +1d instead. Not sure about Inquisitorial stuff, there might be a trait that affects them, but if not I’d say if your world has Inquisitors, +1d for them, but +1Ob for other churchfolk (they ain’t scared of Psychologists so much as they are of Inquisitors, and with reason).

Also, this isn’t necessarily about it being harder to find this dude because he hates you. It’s about an additional stipulation on your circles as often as it’s about that. You’re not looking just for an Anvil Sergeant. You’re looking for an Anvil Sergeant who’ll talk to a Markbearer.

Given we’re playing a game in which 2 of the 3 characters are psychology-wielding churchy types experimenting with the notion of absolute moral authority (Burning Vineyards, anyone?), this now fits comfortably into my noggin. Thanks!