I finally "got" conflict goals


in a conflict the patrol wants “X”. Don’t make your goal “you don’t get X”. If you win and they loose they won’t get X anyway so make it a different thing like “I get to destroy Y”.

I finally came to this conclusion when thinking about Duel of Wits and why my consequences wheren’t as hard as i would hoped.

And we have a winner!



This process (“They want X, what do you want? Not X? Fine, looks like they’re just rolling against Will. Oh you want a compromise? WTF do you want, then?”) makes my new BW players totally bonkers, on par with abstract Resources, Let it Ride and Fight! scripting. It’s on the short list of traditional play habits that I’ve found produces the most friction.

Luckily it just takes the once for it all to make sense!

And now that i get it i will use it mercilessly.

After 6 sessions of normal game i now have dropped every mercy i have for my players. They should suffer greatly.

Even better!

Thanks Praion, you have just made my Monday morning into a smile.