I got the chance to run a one-shot Realm Guard game tonight

… and it was pretty much amazing.
Recruitment with some rules explanation took about 2+ hours. And then we crossed through gm turn and player turn in less than three hours. But it felt more like a 6 hours, it was so intense and saturated with action and drama.
Now I feel like I ran a marathon, and it’s the shower and to bed for me. I’ll try to post an AP as soon as I can, but I might not get the chance until next weekend.
If you like Rafe, I could possibly be persuaded to write the mission I ran too. I just have tidy it up a bit and translate it from norwegian.
Now I have to use all the checks I earned tonight to deal with my comditions… Later!

Part 1 of the AP

Part 2 (the player turn) up now