I have read first 25 page! But I have some questions

Book says “At this point, I strongly urge you to make a character. Get a
friend or two together, and take the system you’ve just read for
a spin. Nothing big; a small, one-goal scenario would be best. Play out
social and physical altercations using the versus tests rules. Get some
tests for advancement and some artha from the stingy GM. As questions
arise about detailed resolution, make a few notes and, after the game,
start reading through the chapters in the Rim of the Wheel.”

Question 1-But there are no combat rules in this section? Or it’s combat just a Versus Test?
Question 2-How often do players use the Carefully, Patiently, Quickly Allocating test?
Question 3-I’m not a native speaker, and English is my second language, and I can’t see the “lifepaths description.” Is there any website that can tell me what lifepaths is for -like whats mean page or craftsman ect.-?
Question 4-Is it enough 75 pages to run a campaign? Or should I read other pages?

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You can use Vs Tests fro combat. Or you can not have combat.

I use them quite a bit. Working Carefully, I’ll use around a fifth or a quarter of the time, something like that. Quickly doesn’t always matter, but I always ise it if it’s a long term test and I’ve got extra successes. Patiently, there’s a lot of stuff later in the book that you can think of as being an extension of the Patiently rules; I use it very frequently. Even if it’s just embellishment, I use it a lot.

I think you’re probably gonna have some trouble here. What languages are you more familiar with? There may be some translation projects I can point you toward…

Not for me! I love the advanced stuff! The game is also designed to feature conflicts with some frequency – the Artha award frequency are calibrated for it. But I know quite a few people run campaigns that almost entirely use the first 75, so ot may he enough for you.

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I’m Turkish tbh, and there are no translation projects I know.

  1. Yes! Combat is a Versus test usually.

  2. Quite a lot!

  3. Page translates roughly, to something like Iç oglan (in the sense of a member of the janissaries, not a servant). there’s not a good direct translation. It is a boy who is being trained to be a knight.

3b) There’s no single website. I’m afraid you’ll have to use a mix of googling for definitions (Craftsman is “a worker skilled in a particular craft”) and a little working it out from the Skills/Traits (Magnates get Administration, they know about Merchants, Courts and Commodities. They can have an Affinity for Business. The lifepath requires Merchant previously. They are probably a very important type of Merchant that has more of a focus on organising a business than Accounting and Haggling)

  1. more pages might be useful, but they are not necessary. The reason that you should play first with these rules is that everything else afterwards relies on the first 70 pages. If you play with 70 pages and decide you want to use more, then do so, adding the things you want to add when you want to add them! I find this much better than trying to do everything before I understand the basics.

Edited to add some tips for understanding Lifepaths.


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