I Just Noticed This!!

Dwarven Common Traits (pages 118-119) Doesn’t Include Diminutive Stature (page 321) although the trait defines itself as the stature of Dwarves and Roden. I take it as an oversight and just add it too the list, right?

See the Stout trait on p. 119.

I did check that first of course, it does mention dwarves being smaller than men in stature, but it deals with a dwarfs thicker frame and even mentions their inherent toughness. Yet Tough is l a seperate trait where as diminutive stature

Stout has it covered. Diminutive Stature is a Character trait. Stout and Tough are both Die Traits that change dwarves mechanically.

I thought of that and of course, I checked Stout out beforehand, yet stout deals primarily with its own effects and makes references to dwraves being smaller than men in stature as well as being tough and doughty. Diminutive Stature is implied, not listed, while Tough is not only implied it is listed as a seperate trait. I suppose it could have more merit to be mentioned as it is a Die Trait where as Diminutive Stature is a Character Trait and doesn’t need much explaining. I just thought it was odd for it not to be there.

Posting from phone so I messed up my first reply.

It’s cool. But that really was our reasoning for not including Diminutive Stature among the Dwarves’ common traits. Stout describes their stature. Tough is its own trait because it has a mechanical effect.

Diminutive Stature means you’re really small, specifically standing no taller than a Dwarf. Dwarves don’t have Diminutive Stature, though. They have Dwarven stature, which is perfectly normal for them. And they’re not just short, they’re stout.

It doesn’t change anything to give them Diminutive Stature as well… but that’s just it. It doesn’t change anything. Why add it? The trait is only meaningful for stocks that shouldn’t be Dwarf-sized.

Thanks for the explanations. I’ll save it for the roden and halflings then. Besides, a diminutive dwarf just doesn’t sound right, stout is much better.