I made a procedural sheet for new players. Needs critiquing.

Hi, I’m looking for some help critiquing this player’s sheet. The rules in the hub and spokes are organized by topic, but I’ve found that when I’m in play, especially as a new player, I need to know what decisions and actions I can take at that given moment. So, I’ve condensed the rules and reorganized them according to time and from the perspective of the player. This way, when you’re resolving a test, you can look through the guide to find the point that you’re at, and any information about artha to spend, exceptions to account for, or just basic steps to follow will be right there. Hopefully this will make it easier to grok the system as a whole. It was definitely helpful for me.

However, I’m sure I’ve made some errors in there, so I’d like some more experienced eyes to look it over. The sentences in red are ones that I’m especially unsure about.

I’m also open to feedback on other information I should add. The sheet assumes that you’ve read the actual book, so it doesn’t bother with definitions and things like that.

Nice sheet, can I please use this? You accidentally switched the necessary tests for advancement: stats are actually skills and skills are actually tests. Couldn’t find anything else on a cursory glance