I might use Blackmoor for Torchbearer

It might be considered cheating at this stage, but the Blackmoor map I have used for a variety of campaigns (inlcuding Burning Wheel - Burning Blackmoor):


Has all the locations suggested in the Prepare Thyself, well, maybe not all, and maybe not all obvious.

But let’s see:

Elfland - Redwoods
Dwarven Hall - Regent of the Mines
Religious Bastion - Abbey of Fitz, Bramford Abbey
Bustling Metropolis - City of Maus
Wizard’s Tower - The Wizard’s Watch for sure, maybe also Coot’s Watch, Tower of Booh
Remote Village - Ramshead, Boggy Bottom, maybe some others
Busy Crossroads - Blackmoor, Bramwald
Mountains - obvious number of mountain ranges
River - obvious number of rivers
Road - obvious nunber of roads
Coast - obvious coastlines
The Forest - The Westwood
Peoples - elves and dwarves are obvious, one or two of the smaller towns would make good halfling villages.
Here Be Dragons - several places suggest obvious monsters

Hmm, I think that makes it partially clear why I have always found this map so compelling.



My group has started talking about using Dawn of Worlds to design the world.

I am beyond honored to have Blackmoor be the first world built using the new rules!