I Need a Kerrn or a Stentor

Is the character burner the only place to get a full on multi-path sidekick that can throw in help dice? I see in Circles I can eventually get someone to be a Relationship so I don’t need a Circles test anymore to get in touch with them, but I can’t find a next step to turn them into “my guy”.

If he’s a sidekick, then he’s a Relationship.

Or you could just occasionally make a Circles test to bring him around. I think it’s on the GM to decide how qualified he is to help you (1 or 2 dice).

If you Circle the dude up enough that he becomes a relationship and then he gets promoted to your A-number 1 best buddy, I’d say you can make an argument that he’s your sidekick. Especially if during the initial circling stage you establish that you’re hunting him down to help you out with stuff.

People picked up under the Kerrn or Stentor rules are simply 2 point relationships that also buy a 2 point relationship in return, so once play has started it’s perfectly reasonable to build up a Circles relationship into the same category.

I disagree with Colin, actually. You can absolutely get him to be a Relationship, but to get the full I-hold-your-character-sheet level of control that the Kerrn/Stentor rules give, you’d need to write up a rule-breaker trait and get it voted on.

I agree with Devin. You should buy the relationship if you need a Kerrn or Stentor - that’s why the rule is there.

I’ve seen plenty of games that get side-tracked by a player trying to make rolls to get things he should have gotten in character burning.

On the other hand, a failed circles roll is a great way to help the GM put a Vaylen sympathizer within your entourage.