i need help with GMing

i dont get how to get character sheets, conflict sheets, and GM record sheets. help?:confused: :frowning:

Luke’s sticky at the top of this forum has the link for them. You can also find them on the wiki, here. That includes a form-fillable PDF character sheet and a character creating worksheet PDF.

ya i know there but my computer doent let me get anything except the map and a character sheet from there. i need the conflict and record sheet:( :frowning: :frowning: :frowning:

pdf format files are readable by Windows, Apple’s OS X and Linux systems all, hence their popularity. You can get the Adobe Reader for free at www.adobe.com. Once there press the Get Adobe Reader button. I don’t know about Windows, but in the case of Apple the built in Preview application also reads pdf format files automagically. :smiley:

i got them with a complicated process of switching printers movin laptops and and a whole lot of failing

Sounds painful!