I propose a contest - Race to Level 6

The winning group gets bragging rights, and the right to pester our harried game-designers for the much anticipated Torchbearer expansion -

FLAMER - rules for Torchbearer, character levels 6 and beyond

but in all seriousness, I’m interested in hearing the tales of advancement as people play Torchbearer, from the early struggles of learning the system and up into the stratosphere of level 6 and beyond. from reading the rules, i have a strong idea how to play a session, but it’s hard to envision what the road looks like ahead for our characters - it’s too dark for me to really see, which is what excites me the most about this game. there’s so much of the familiar, it’s amazing to imagine the unknown elements we have yet to discover about it.

i think this thread should be used to keep each other posted on each group’s advancement and the emerging properties of gameplay as adventuring groups shrink, grow, die and survive in the depths. this isn’t about full-on scene to scene actual play, but more about the bigger play-style changes and what we should look forward to as groups get used to the grind and managing inventory, resources, etc.

that being said, now i need to find a group to play as often as possible so we can win the contest

I certainly plan on recapping as my own group begins our jaunt.