I see Serving Wenches don't have the Waiting Tables skill on their list

It strikes me as odd, is all.

They just give you sass.

Tailors don’t have the tailor skill, either, IIRC.

Shrug. I figure you either go with it as a quirk of the lifepaths, or you house-rule it.

Tailors and Seamstress both have sewing.

Serving Wench has Sleight of Hand which I could see using for any tricky manual serving issues. For social issues Soothing platitudes and Customer-wise.

The Tailor skill is, alas, no more.

Ah, sorry – I’m still remembering BWR. D’oh!

I think the difference is in the Setting. The Waiter life path is in the city, which assumes a busier place—you need to actually be able to wait tables properly. Serving Wench is in the village, with a slower pace and the major concern is keeping the customer from causing a scene. I guess for Getting a Job, a Serving Wench could use Sleight of Hand, Soothing Platitude, or Customer-wise.

EDIT: Wait, is there even a waiter lp. Or any lp with waiting tables as a skill? I may be having BWR wire crossing.

I’m pretty sure the only lifepath in BWR that had the Waiting Tables skill was the Actor. The Actor LP was renamed Performer, so the joke wouldn’t make sense anymore. The skill probably should have been cut from BWG.