I Throw My Axe At His Face!

(sorry for the thread title, I can’t help myself)

I have a silly question about thrown weapons. In the Weapons Appendix they are listed with a Weapons Power +Y. I want to assume that this is in addition to the power their un-thrown counterpart has listed in the general list. Is that right?

For example, a Thrown Hatchet is listed as Weapon Power +2. A hatchet has a normal Weapon Power of 2. My reading makes me think that the Thrown Hatchet thus has an effective WP of 4.

So, if I have a Dwarf with a Power of B6, would this mean that his mighty Thrown Hatchet would do a B10 on a Mark, right?

But… if this is the case then why didn’t they just give it its own WP? Why make me do the math? (Yes, I am lazy)

As with other weapons, you add the Weapon Power of the weapon to your own Power. If your dwarf with Power B6 throws a hatchet, the hatchet does I: B4, M: B8, S: B12. If your dwarf has Power B4, the hatchet does I: B3, M: B6, S: B9.

Hm. But that’s what “Pow” is – what’s the deal with calling this “Weapon Power +1” (or whatever). That’s a totally different format from other weapons.

Never mind. Duh, the full name is “Weapon Power” and in the examples within the text it uses a sword which is listed as “+3.” Thanks!

It’s some goofy legacy formatting thing that wasn’t caught in editing. Thrown weapons work just like other weapons. We don’t want a hatchet to become a death ray just because you chuck it. :slight_smile: