Ibex, the wino

Slighlty based on Joaquin Phoniex´s character from The Master:

Name: Ibex
Stock: Dwarf
Class: Adventurer
Age 35
Hometown: Dwarven Halls
Parents: Doba´s Clan
Mentor: Satch, Leader of the orquish mob
Friend: Krinnen, The Cartographer
Enemy: Powercreeper, the Vampire
Level 1
Alignment: Chaos

Belief: Most the situations start and get better with booze
Instinct Never allow other to preparete my own booze
Goal: Find the perfect balance between booze and adventure

Traits: Born of the Earth and Stone (1), Fiery (1)

Abilities: Will 3. Health: 5 Nature: 5/5 (Crafting, Avenging Grudge, Delving). Resources 0. Circles 5

Wises: Chronicle wise. Booze wise

Skills: Armorer 3. Dungeoneer 3. Fighter 3. Orator 2. Persuader 2 Scavenger 2. Scout 2. Laborer 2


Head: Helmet (worn)
Hands: Warhammer (carried 2)
Torso: Satchel (worn) Cloack (worn) Armor (worn) [Not sure if Armor uses a worn slot]

Belt: Rations (pouch) Skin: Wine (contents)
Feet: Shoes (worn)
Satchel. Grappling Hook (2 slots) Torches (1) [How many torches?]

Armor does indeed take a worn slot. Refer to the example character on book page 12, PDF page 8. Leather takes up 1 slot.

makes sense. good bye, rope!

I see what you did there.

Stay cool :cool: