Ideas for a dwarven cook?

I’m trying to build a dwarven cook with a familiar that would help him in his endeavors (sniffing for spices and food for example).

I’m looking at the lifepaths i’m thinking about 4 lifepaths:

-Born Guilder
or Miller…

Sadly these lifepaths are not really satisfying to burn the character I want. I have the MoBu and I read the lifepath burner wich seems interesting enough and might be the solution. What do you think? Any suggestions on how to create the familiar and how to burn it, using the MoBu or not? I was thinking about a restaurator or cook concept for it with skills like baking, cooking and herbalism…

Thanks for your support!

Ha! Another insight into Dwarven society - cooking is not a very high priority nor are cooks given any special status. Everything they eat must be Ob 1 or 2 at the most, as most use Beginner’s Luck to make their meals. Food must be very bland there below the ground.

With this in mind and going by what is written, a true chef will have to make his mark using General Skill pts.

Beer, on the other hand…

Born Clansman -> Tinkerer -> (Adventurer | Drunk | other Outcast) -> Husband/Wife.

Take the Low Speech trait and weasel for a Companion Animal from the gear list for Men, or cough up for a Pack Animal.