If You Get The Chance, Show Me Some Characters

I would like to see some characters others have made. So if you ever get the time, it would be cool if you could post the stats, belief, instinct, etc… of some characters you’ve made.

Red fur
Patrol Leader
Grey Fur Cloak
Friend: Yaz, Merchant - Port Sumac
Enemy: Ramsay, Apiarist

B: Anymouse can become a threat worse than a predator
I: The best defense is a good offense

Gear - Bow, hip flask(alcoholic), pipe/tobacco, leather armor

Traits - Tough (2), Oldfur (1)

Will: 5
Health: 4
Resources: 8
Circles: 4

Fighter: 3
Hunter: 4
Scout: 3
WeatherWat: 4
Scientist: 2
Armorer: 3

Persuader: 3
Loremouse: 4
Wild Country-wise: 2
Brew-wise: 2

Blonde Fur
Patrol Guard
Forest Green Cloak
Friend: Gourdy - Guardmouse, Baker
Enemy: Lindsy - Former Patrol Leader

B: You can always get what you want
I: Talk your way out

Gear - knife, small wicker basket

Traits - Natural Bearings (1), Longtail (1)

Will: 4
Health: 4
Resources: 3
Circles: 4

Fighter: 2
Instructor: 2
Pathfinder: 4
Scout: 4
Survivalist: 4
Harvester: 2

Deceiver: 3
Thistledown-wise: 1
Basket-wise: 2

Light Grey
Gold Cloak
Friend: Samuel, Charlatan
Enemy: Tess, Sister (Bandit)

B: A mouse must do the most good he can in his short life
I: Defend my convictions

Gear - Spear, mallet, clamp, scraps, broken dagger

Traits - Superstitious (1), Tall (1)

Will: 3
Health: 5
Resources: 4
Circles: 3

Fighter: 4
Healer: 3
Pathfinder: 3
Survivalist: 2
Smith: 3

Orator: 3
Haggler: 2
Bandit-wise: 2
Hidey-hole-wise: 2

MGRPG, page 290. “Kyle”

Show off.


Also, I think the answer to why this character has 3 traits is that the version in the book is after a Winter Session. I don’t think he started with Suspicious.

This is my mouse for our current game here on the PbP thread. This has to be my favorite character I’ve played so far; he’s a bit paranoid of his surroundings, extremely quiet, and almost got eaten by a bullfrog.

Name: Thom Grounden Jr.

Age: 20
Home: Sandmason
Fur Color: Brown
Guard Rank: Guardmouse
Cloak Color: White - “Though your past is shrouded in dark shadows, your future is undiscovered. The cloak color I have chosen for you is white. Like a blank page yet to be written.” -Finn Cowan

Parents: Thom Sr. and Kelli Grounden (deceased) - Glaziers (“The Grounden’s were good, simple, mice.” That’s what others had said when shocking news of a burglary turned kidnapping had surfaced in Sandmason. Thom was out gathering food with Paul when the mysterious act took place, and some had even questioned whether or not the all-to-quiet glazier’s son had anything to do with the crime. It didn’t help that Thom wouldn’t answer their inquiries; rather than stay in town, Thom fled to Lockhaven, joined the Guard and hasn’t looked back since.)

Senior Artisan: Howard (Glazier)

Mentor: Finn Cowan (Scout)

Friend: “One-legged Pauly” (While the other mice in Sandmason had their doubts about young Thom Jr. and the mystery surrounding his parents disappearance. There is one oldfur who treated Thom with respect, Paul Calloway, or “One-legged Pauly” as the masses had labeled him. Paul is a kindhearted hermit, living off the land in the dunes surrounding Thom’s home. Paul lost his right foot to a crab while living in Shorestone. He has no friends except Thom and the variety of small birds that Paul has managed to associate with.)

Enemy: Tinble the Innkeeper (“Snicker, snicker…”)

Belief: Actions speak louder than words.
Instinct: Always keep my face covered when around strangers.
Goal: ?

Contacts: None currently.

Gear: Spear, muzzle scarf, canteen

Traits: Quiet 2

Fate: 0
Persona: 0

Nature: 5
Will: 3
Health: 5
Resources: 3
Circles: 2

Glazier 3
Scout 4
Deceiver 3
Survivalist 4 (Specialty)
Healer 3

Dune-wise 2
Medicine-wise 2

Conditions: Healthy ( ) Hungry/Thirsty ( ) Angry ( ) Tired ( ) Injured (X) Sick ( )

Description: The one word that sums up this young brown fur, is quiet; almost to a fault. Thom would rather not be noticed in any situation, in fact he believes that the less he is known, the better. There is some uncertainty surrounding his mysterious past, but Tom proved a capable, hard working tenderpaw when he came to the Guard two seasons ago, now he has been given the rank of Guardmouse, and though he is not sure of his future, he is positive that the Guard is the best place to be for now.

Name: Orwin
Concept: Orwin is a clever and resourceful Patrol Leader who is known for his sharp senses and his leadership abilities. He is known among the Hares and Crows as an honest mouse, and has occasionally allied with such creatures to do battle against common enemies.
Guard Rank: Patrol Leader
Age: 40

Belief: Only fight as a last resort, or only if you have the upper hand.
Goal: ?
Instinct: To always keep his eyes and ears open, and never let down his guard.

Nature:(Max/Current) 4/4
Will: 5
Health: 4
Resources: 5
Circles: 6

Fate: 1
Persona: 1

Fur Colour: Brown (greying)
Birthplace: Elmoss
Parents: Abram/Lilly
Senior Artisan: Aria, Senior Cartographer of Elmoss
Mentor: Uncle Abner, a valiant warrior and brilliant strategist
Friend: Eibhear, a talented bowyer and fletcher, retired guardmouse
Enemy: Samil, rival Patrol Leader
Cloak Colour: Brown

Fighter 5
Hunter 4
Cartographer 3
Loremouse 3
Pathfinder 3
Persuader 3
Scout 3
Carpenter 2

Crow-wise 2
Hare-wise 2
Owl-wise 2
Weasel-wise 2

Alert 1
Sharp-eyed 1
Leader 1

Gear: Sword, bow and arrows, spear, knives, backpack, paper & ink (for drawing maps), shiny glass pebble (for bargaining with crows).

Name: Autumn
Concept: Autumn is a thoughtful and compassionate little blonde mouse who is still quite naive but wants to use her healing skills to help travellers and the guards who protect them. She learned the art of beekeeping from her father and weaving from her mother. Autumn is quite well off and has been brought up to help others, but is shy, not able to make friends easily. She has had little experience outside of Lockhaven and is quite a timid mouse - but she demonstrates atypical bravery when helping the weak and injured. She spent her lonely childhood seeking out hidey-holes and is adept at finding somewhere to lurk.
Autumn had a suitor, Gamlion. Despite his affections for Autumn being unrequited, he adores her and will do anything for her. Loralai wants Gamlion, but he has eyes only for Autumn, and Loralai sees Autumn as a bitter rival even though Autumn would be happy for Loralai and Gamlion to pair up. Autumn tries not to take advantage of Gamlion and tries to turn the other cheek when Loralai hurts her.
Guard Rank: Tenderpaw
Age: 16

Belief: Healing is for the benefit of all, be they friend, foe, or non-mouse.
Goal: ?
Instinct: Never abandon a wounded mouse.

Nature:(Max/Current) 5/5
Will: 2
Health: 6
Resources: 3
Circles: 1

Fate: 1
Persona: 1

Fur Colour: Blonde
Birthplace: Lockhaven
Parents: Algomin and Dalia
Senior Artisan: Thurstan the Armourer
Mentor: Connor (PC)
Friend: Gamlion, childhood sweetheart
Enemy: Loralai, love rival
Cloak Colour: none

Apiarist 3
Armourer 2
Healer 4
Fighter 2
Persuader 2
Survivalist 3
Weaver 2

Hidey-hole-wise 2

Generous 1
Compassionate 1
Nimble 1

Gear: Bow and Arrows, Knife, Healer Pack.

Name: Connor
Concept: Connor can easily be discribed as a jack of all trades in the wilderness, he has many skills but he’s rather subpar on most of them. The notable exceptions being his ability to scavage and jury-rig(survivalist) useful items from his surroundings to help the guard bypass problems.
Guard Rank: Patrol Guard
Age: 24

Belief: Only when you can help yourself, can you help others
Goal: Teach Autumn what I can, and keep her safe.
Instinct: When you first encounter a problem, look around for ideas.

Nature:(Max/Current) 4/4
Will: 4
Health: 4
Resources: 5
Circles: 5

Fate: 1
Persona: 1

Fur Colour: Sandy Blonde(tan)
Birthplace: Shaleburrow
Parents: William and Martha
Senior Artisan: Niles the Engineer
Mentor: Nola
Friend: Serra (a cute mouse and old friend from Shaleburrow, she traveled with him to lockhaven when he joined the guard to join as well, but decided her talents were better suited elsewhere, so she opened a bakery in Ivydale) [Private to GM: romantic feelings possibly?]
Enemy: Trevor (a rich merchant from Copperwood, blames Connor for losing a valuable shipment of Ore, despite Connor saving Trevor’s life in the process.
Cloak Colour: Burnt Orange to represent his creativity.

Harvester 3
Survivalist 5
Pursuader 2
Carpenter 2
Fighter 3
Hunter 2
Pathfinder 2
Scout 3
Weather Watcher 2

Patrol Guard-Wise 2
Forest-Wise 2
Improvise-Wise 2

Open-Minded 1
Cunning 1

Gear: Spear, tool satchel(various items like hammer, hatchet, knife, nails, etc)

Okay, here we go. We haven’t kicked off our first game yet, but this is the character I created.
Name: Hastings
Concept: A clever mouse and talented scout, he thinks clearly and keeps a level head, though he does sometimes flavor his logic with a healthy dose of distrust for any not of the Guard.
Home: Sprucetuck
Rank: Patrol Guard
Cloack Color: Ochre. Fall is his favorite season.
Parents: Walmond, a brewer in Sprucetuck and former Guardmouse
Senior Artisan: Julyia, Brewer
Mentor: Noelan, a grizzled oldfur fixated on survivalism. “The first thing ye do is don’t get dead”
Friend: Seyth, a Guardmouse
Enemy: Kearra, a former childhood friend he joined the Guard with.

Belief: Decide in haste, repent at leisure.
Instinct: Always keep a weapon within paws’ reach.

Will: 4

Fighter 3
Hunter 3
Pathfinder 3
Scout 4
Survivalist 2
Weather Watcher 2
Brewer 3
Loremouse 2
Deceiver 2

Night-wise 2
Snake-Wise 3

Rational 1
Suspicious 1